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Molds are microscopic organisms found virtually everywhere, indoors, and outdoors. Mold spores are tiny, lightweight, and easily detached by airflow, vacuuming, walking on a carpet or sitting on a couch.

In indoor environments, they grow in air-conditioning ducts, carpets, pots of household plants, etc. They produce and release millions of spores, which are small enough to stay airborne threatening to invade the human respiratory system.

Mold growths can often be seen in the form of discoloration, ranging from white to orange and from green to brown and black. In large quantities, molds can cause allergic symptoms similar to those caused by plant pollen. In order for mold to grow, it needs food sources (such as leaves, wood, paper, or dirt), a source of moisture and a place to grow.


Allergens are tiny particles or substances that trigger allergic reactions. Allergies to different indoor allergens are a worldwide health problem to large segments of the population and can cause long term effects in children and adults.

Indoor allergens have been shown to play a major role both in sensitization and as triggers of asthma in children. As adults and children spend increasing amounts of time indoors, home environmental health is important for a person’s well being.


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